Zentoshi Coin

Everything we do is driven by utility.

A higher standard for crypto, as a utility coin that powers our microcosm of platforms and services all under the brand of Zentoshi. Enabled by our kaizen approach; always improve.
How does it work?
Our currency runs on cutting edge blockchain technology, allowing a wide range of platforms and services to be billed via Zentoshi Coin.

ZentoshiNodes are the core of our microcosm. Operators of these nodes are compensated for their resources used by Zentoshi Limited Liability Company in exchange for our utility. ZentoshiNode operators receive 45% of all blocks generated for privatizing the blockchain. ZentoshiNode Satellites are compensated for operating the infrastructure of our platforms.

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Mining and Staking

Miners and stakers of Zentoshi Coin assist our blockchain by validating new transactions and mining new blocks by both proof of stake (PoS) and proof of work (PoW) technology. Each new block equals two Zentoshi Coins. Stakers and miners receive 55% of all blocks they generate.

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Why get involved?
There are many ways to get started with Zentoshi. Whether you are looking to buy a service or make money running our infrastructure, there is a place for you in our microcosm.
Community Focused

Comprised of our users, referred to as Zentopians, who enable the governance of a more consumer friendly and ever evolving microcosm for all.

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Consumer Benefit

Open to all, any individual or business can utilize our services offered by our brands. Those that do use Zentoshi Coin benefit by saving 20% on many of our offerings.

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Operator Benefit

Operators of ZentoshiNodes are compensated for the resources they offer to our network for privacy and services. All it takes is 5000 Zentoshi Coins to get started. This amount will be reduced once beta concludes.

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How do I get started?
Follow our easy steps below to access and be a part of our Zentoshi microcosm.

Download the wallet and let it sync the blockchain


Mine coins or go to a partnered exchange to buy Zentoshi Coin


Use the coin on any of our platforms, stake it, or run a ZentoshiNode.


Wait for the utility payments to come in!

Our Brands
The Zentoshi microcosm is a place that consists of a wide variety of internet services and platforms, available to the masses.

Sunnynode offers VPS (virtual private server) and dedicated server hosting (InfrastructureNodes) coupled with 1-click options for blockchain specific services. Open to any level of user while avoiding the steep learning curve of masternode and servicenode hosting for any cryptocurrency.

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ZentoshiPay employs conventional payment technologies to verify blockchain asset payments from user to user. From businesses accepting crypto payments to users paying friends with cryptocurrencies, ZentoshiPay easily handles payments using any of the supported currencies.

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Zentoshi Directory

Zentoshi Directory is a place within the Zentoshi microcosm for users to locate and find blockchain powered services and platforms. The directory includes services from both the Zentoshi microcosm and partnered services that accept Zentoshi Coin as a payment option.

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ZentoshiVIP is an exclusive program created to reward Zentopians. In this program, Zentoshi offers benefits for participating in the Zentoshi microcosm. Users possessing Zentoshi Coin, running ZentoshiNodes, and/or providing valuable services on our platforms will be offered special privileges and incentives within our microcosm.

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Zentoshi Freelance

Zentoshi Freelance is a platform that seeks to bring business professionalism to the crypto freelance marketplace. This is a one stop location for blockchain organizations to procure professional talent for their projects with protections in place to ensure quality and prevention of scams.

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ZentoshiVault is an extension of the wallet system. The system employs cold storage technologies that are integrated with ZentoshiPay and Zentoshi wallets to offer a secure means to store blockchain assets as a service.

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Zentoshi’s CloudGSP is an automated service that provides game server hosting powered by ZentoshiNodes. Customers have access to a wide range of titles to host their favorite multiplayer servers, enabling gameplay among friends.

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